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Project Development

We offer expert assistance in developing, structuring, and financing projects, credit support, and risk allocation, with particular strength in initial project development and feasibility efforts, project financing, and asset management.


For more than five years, construction has been the essence of Baseline’s business. We have the resources and knowledge to undertake the job anywhere in India, with unmatched expertise. We're familiar with construction regulations and labor laws, and we have a proven record of working smoothly with government agencies and labor organizations. Over the years, we've followed many innovative construction techniques. Global, high-speed communications infrastructure keeps our personnel connected to tools, information, and each other. We're also innovators, having pioneered advances including 4D monitoring of our construction progress. We are not compelling the client to provide the basic requirements such as electrical connection, water source, site fencing.etc. Also we offer an unrivalled experience to our prospective clients by providing Turn-key method of finishing.

Project Management

Project management ties together all activities on a project. A project may be well conceived and adequately financed, the contracts may be carefully drawn up, the contractors and workers highly experienced. But if all aspects of the project are not expertly integrated and managed, it may overrun the budget, fail to meet the schedule, or fall short in technical quality. With Baseline’s project management tools, systems, and processes, we know how to manage all aspects of even the most complex project, from engineering and procurement to construction and completion. We also are experts at resolving conflicts and identifying issues before they become problems. Our teams focus on the overall picture, establishing priorities and coordinating activities and participants to ensure quality projects that are delivered safely, on time, and within budget.

Engineering Standards

We set high standards. We apply advanced technology, and we continually innovate and improve. We thrive on challenge and accomplishment.


By providing integrated, reliable, and cost-efficient supply chain management services, we help the clients who need to supply materials to the contractor at free of cost and ensure the success of projects large and small. Quality goods and services, at the right time, at the lowest cost, produced and delivered safely. That sums up Baseline's approach to procurement, and we have the experience, the tools, and the know-how to make it work.


Baseline quality management systems continually assess our processes to enhance project outcome for our customers. Whether it's working on first-of-a-kind technical solutions or building in complex environments, we get the job done right. Within the completed years, customers have placed their confidence in Baseline’s ability to manage large projects in which they have substantial investment.


Safety is a value that is fundamental to our culture. Baseline has earned an industry-leading record of achieving zero lost-time incidents on projects. At Baseline, we believe that every accident, and therefore every injury, is preventable, and we embed that philosophy into every project through a combination of technical field procedures and ongoing training programs. Every employee has stop-work authority—if it's not safe, don't do it. We also ask our subcontractors and partners to adopt our commitment to safety and health. The result is exceptional safety performance, even in hazardous work environments, severe weather, and remote locations.

Commercial Marketing

Commercial Marketing is the sale of products, spaces or services to end users as well as public and private companies. With a highly skilled Marketing division, Team Baseline’s endeavor is to open the market for selling commercial spaces to retail as well as segments of varied industries, as per their requirements based on their business models.